Metal Tile

Sole and exclusive agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (metal tiles)


The best alternative
The products of the Belgian Metropolis and New Zealand Tyler are designed to give strength, beauty and confidence in extreme weather conditions without the need for the usual clay tiles. This powerful flexible ceiling with a wide range of accessories helps architectural engineers and homeowners to work in a sophisticated architectural style even in The most difficult links and brackets.


Choice and optimal design
The product consists of Metrotail and Tellcor .. of eight strong and flexible tiles in convex shape with an attractive stone color that harmonizes aesthetically with any design


Strong protection
The products of METROTILE and TILCOR are characterized by a diversified cover and multiple layers of zinc and aluminum for protection and corrosion resistance in essence to establish the reliability of this product in different climatic conditions around the world.


Multilayer protection
This product consists of eight layers to give sure protection in adverse weather conditions, as it is made of stone, zinc and aluminum find it gives beauty and safety of the building for many years.

They have proven the unique horizontal clamping system and the unique horizontal stabilizing system. These shelves resist leakage, high winds, fire a, breakage in extreme conditions such as earthquakes and hurricanes.


Easy to install, easy to transport and light weight on the building.


High quality
The product .. Metrotail and Telkor .. is made in accordance with international standards and conforms to the quality management system (ISO 9001) is supported by the records .. Metrotail .. For excellence and international fame in the quality of the product and professional service.